Lamb Loin Chop Lamb Loin Chop
Lamb Cuts
Lamb Rib Chop Lamb Rib Chop
Product Price Per Pound
Call for Availibility
Lamb Sirloin Chops $
Lamb Arm Chops $
Lamb Blade Chops $
Lamb Double Loin Chops $
Lamb Double Rib Chops $
Lamb Leg Center Slice $
Leg of Lamb- Bone In $
Leg of Lamb: Boneless $
Lamb Shoulder Roast Bone-in $
Lamb Shoulder Roast Boneless $
Rack of Lamb $
Lamb Crown Rib Roast $
Lamb Foreshanks $
Lamb Neckslices $
Lamb Breast $
Lamb Riblets $
Ground Lamb $
Lamb Stew Meat $
Lamb Shoulder Chop $

Please note: We cannot guarantee to have all of these products available all of the time. If you would like a special cut or just want to be sure we have what you want available, call us at 573-882-0591.

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